Who we are

A short description of us in alphabetical order.

Name: Johanna Ahonen
Position: PhD student/researcher
Institution: School of History, Culture and Arts Studies, University of Turku
Keywords: Indian religions, Indian philosophy, global Hinduism, Tantric traditions, Shaktism, Indian female gurus, Indian spirituality in the West, ethnography, gender, sexuality, embodiment
Email: jomaah@utu.fi

Name: Sharon Ben-Dor
Position: Independent researcher and musician
Keywords: Sanskrit literature and grammar, Panini, Hindi, Indian philosophy, Indian music, Sitar
Email: sharonbendor@yahoo.com

Name: Sanni Björn
Position: Graduate student in Ethnology
Institution: Department of History and Ethnology, University of Jyväskylä
Keywords: discourse analysis, ethnology, media, Naxalites
Email: sanni.e.bjorn@student.jyu.fi

Name: Päivi Christian
Position: Consultant in cross-cultural communication, MA
Institution: Freelancer
Keywords: informal communication, gender, women's empowerment
Email: firstname.lastname@gmail.com [without scands]

Name: Laura Hirvi
Position: Doctoral student
Institution: Department of History and Ethnology, University of Jyväskylä
Keywords: Sikh, identity, immigrant, transnationalism, minorities
Email: firstname.lastname@jyu.fi

Name: Petri Hottola
Position: Professor
Institution: Department of Geography, University of Oulu
Keywords: Intercultural encounters, independent travel, tourism, gender
Email: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

Name: Jukka Jouhki
Position: Research fellow, adjunct professor
Institution: Department of History and Ethnology, University of Jyväskylä
Keywords: Auroville, orientalism, occidentalism, mobile technology, gender, development, Tamil Nadu
Email: firstname.lastname@jyu.fi

Name: Klaus Karttunen
Position: Professor
Institution: Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki
Keywords: Indian languages, history and cultures; pilgrimage
Email: firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi

Name: Mari Korpela
Position: Post-doctoral research fellow
Institution: University of Tampere
Keywords: lifestyle migration, tourism, ethnography, gender, countercultures, alternative communities, Varanasi, Goa
Email: firstname.lastname@uta.fi

Name: Joel Kuortti
Institution: Department of English, University of Turku
Keywords: Indian literature, Indian English literature, Indian diasporic literature, gender studies, cultural studies
Email: firstname.lastname@utu.fi

Name: Mikko Malkavaara
Position: Principal Lecturer in Research, Docent, Chair of Dalit Solidarity Network in Finland
Institution: Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
Keywords: diaconia, inter-church humanitarian work, social work, history of diaconia, Dalit theology, Indian liberation theology, human rights of the Dalits, contemporary church history
Email: firstname.lastname@diak.fi
Website 1, website 2

Name: Kaari Mattila
Position: General Secretary
Institution: Finnish League for Human Rights; PhD from Development Studies, University of Helsinki,
Keywords: Domestic work, labour relations, gender, class, child work
Email: kaari.mattila@ihmisoikeusliitto.fi

Name: Sari S. A. Mattila
Position: Visiting Professor, Ph.D., MSSc.
Institution: Strategy and Entrepreneurship Area, Institute of Management, Nirma University
Keywords: Ethics, business, family dynamics and systems, education
Email: sarimat(at)imnu.ac.in

Name: Raita Merivirta
Position: Doctoral Student
Institution: Department of General History, University of Turku
Keywords: Indian English literature, (twentieth-century) Indian history, Bollywood
Email: firstname.lastname@utu.fi

Name: Asko Parpola
Position: Professor Emeritus
Institution: University of Helsinki
Keywords: Archaeology, Indology, South Indian Studies, Indus civilization, Veda, Vedic scripts, Indian languages and religions
Email: firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi

Name: Sirpa Rovaniemi
Position: Doctoral student
Institution: Development Studies, University of Helsinki
Keywords: NGOs and development cooperation, India, civil society support, developmentalist configuration, anthropology of development
Email: firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi

Name: Mikko Ruohonen
Position: Professor, Chief Executive of CIRMI
Institution: School of Information Sciences, University of Tampere
Keywords: Business, information systems, technology
Email: firstname.j.lastname@uta.fi

Name: Barnali Sarkar
Position: Doctoral student
Institution: University of Eastern Finland
Keywords: Contemporary English Indian novels, social reality, Aravind Adiga, Amitav Gosh, Kiran Desai, postcolonialism, feminism, Marxism
Email: barnals@student.uef.fi

Name: Sanni Sivonen
Position: Doctoral student in cultural anthropology
Institution: University of Eastern Finland
Email: sansivo@student.uef.fi
Keywords: stone-carving, religious motifs, artefacts, tourism, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Name: Timo Särkkä
Position: Senior assistant
Insitution: Department of History and Ethnology
Keywords: imperialism, colonialism, British Raj, Anglo-Indian identity
Email: firstname.lastname@jyu.fi

Name: Minna Säävälä
Position: Senior researcher / Adjunct professor
Institution: Population Research Institute / Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki
Keywords: Kinship, population, reproductive health, middle class, migration
Email: firstname.lastname@vaestoliitto.fi

Name: Sirpa Tenhunen
Position: Professor
Institution: Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki
Keywords: gender, politics, mobile technology
Email: firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi

Name: Mikko-Pekka Väänänen
Position: Doctoral student
Institution: Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä
Keywords: Indian philosophy, European philosophy, Western understanding of India, 1960s
Email: firstname.lastname@student.jyu.fi [lastname without scands]
Website [FIN]